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The ZBA is a non-political and non-denominational advice centre for individuals seeking asylum and for temporarily admitted foreigners (F) residing in the canton of Zurich. The ZBA is being funded by the humanitarian organisations Caritas Zurich and HEKS, regional office Zurich-Schaffhausen.


The ZBA offers the following services:


  • Information on the asylum procedure

  • Advice on the chances of an asylum application

  • In some cases legal aid may be arranged or provided for

  • Information on the possibilities of family reunion

  • Information on the possibilities of admission on humanitarian grounds

  • Help with difficulties encountered with authorities and institutions

  • Referral to appropriate authorities


The service is free


Telephone support:

Monday to Friday

09:30 - 11:30 am




01:30 - 05.00 pm (no appointment needed)



Zürcher Beratungsstelle für Asylsuchende

Flurstrasse 50, Postfach, CH-8048 Zürich

Wir beraten kompetent, unabhängig und kostenlos



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